Places to Visit

Baths of Aphrodite

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love, used to take her bath in a natural grotto, situated 8km (around 10 minutes' drive) west of Nicki Holiday Resort. According to legend, after swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Polis Bay, Aphrodite used to bathe in this pond, surrounded by idyllic landscape with the sweet smelling wild flowers. It is here that she met her beloved Adonis for the first time. There are also other myths surrounding the pond and one of them is that if one bathed in them, they are restored of their fertility. However, nowadays nobody is allowed to enter the pools. You can drive up to the Baths of Aphrodite (or take bus number 622) and walk for about 5-7 minutes along a paved path surrounded by botanics garden, until you reach the grotto.

Akamas Peninsula

The Akamas National Park is a protected –thus unspoilt- region of hills and rocky shores which is the habitat for several species of flora and fauna unique to the Mediterranean reagion. The area is a haven for birds and other wildlife such as shrews, hedgehogs and foxes. Several species of snake and lizards are indigenous. Monk seals are also known to dwell in the sea caves around the coast. Many areas are now officially protected and only a few dirt tracks penetrate the peninsula. Safari style jeep tours of the area can be booked in the local towns and several nature trails have been established for walkers. The highlights of Akamas peninsula is Lara Bay, where the endangered green loggerhead turtles Caretta caretta come ashore to lay their eggs. A few kilometres away, lays the Avakas Gorge, carved out of limestone rocks and formed over several millennia by the action of the river. The gorge, rising up as high as 30 metres, is a paradise for trekkers and is an idyllic place to visit, especially in the morning or late afternoon, when the light is magical inside the gorge.

Latchi Harbour

Just 2 km west of Nicki Holiday Resort, lays the idyllic Latch Harbour where fishermen still bring in the fresh catch of the morning and supply the local restaurants and fish taverns. In the past few years due to its ever-growing facilities and amenities, Latchi Harbour -a port of entrance to Cyprus- has become a favourite stopping point for yachts cruising the Mediterranean Sea. Latchi Harbour is the perfect place to take a stroll in the evening just after sunset and dine in one of the traditional tavernas laying the quayside, offering the local speciality Fish Meze.

Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe

The Museum is located in Polis Chrysochous and houses an interesting collection of antiquities excavated in the region, helping put the history of the area into perspective. The exhibits are from the ancient city of Marion, renamed Arsinoe in the 3rd century BC, its cemeteries and the surrounding area. The Museum consists of two rooms and an atrium. The first room exhibits objects in chronological order tracing the historical development of the area from Neolithic to Medieval times. Exhibited in the second room is an important collection of objects brought to light from the area's rich necropolis.
Address: Archibishop Makarios Avenue. Tel.: +357 26322955 Open: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00, Saturday 09:00 – 15:00, Sunday closed. Entrance: €1.70

Pedestrian Seaside Walk

A new paved pedestrian path, linking the Municipal Beach and the Camping Site Beach (both awarded with Blue Flag) is an ideal place to take a walk by the seaside, to enjoy the scenery and the fresh breeze. The sidewalk features special infrastructure for recharging the wheelchairs of disabled visitors.

Polis town centre

In the evenings you can visit Polis town square, with the restored stone buildings and a popular pedestrian street, full of souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that remain open till late.

Limni Pier

Limni is a beautiful seaside area, around 6 km east of Nicki Holiday Resort, with beautiful pebbled beaches and a wonderful pier, perfect for a sunset time stroll.

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